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Cask & Keg Cooling Covers and Ice Sheets for Pubs, Mobile Bars and Beer Festivals


Roll 1

What Are Ice Sheets and Why Do I Need Them?


Typical Applications

Guest Ales on the Bar

Kegs and Casks at functions and social gatherings

Beer Festivals

Emergency Cellar Cooling – Ideal for temporary cooling whilst awaiting repair or service 

No Melting - no more soggy packaging, no more 'wet towel' (& wet floor) cask cooling!

Lightweight - cheaper freight costs and easy to handle.

No Leaks - once defrosted simply refreeze it ready for use on another cask.

Flexible - you just tear off exactly what you need (when bought on the roll)

No Waste - use only the exact amount you need.

Protection - Can be wrapped around products protecting them during transit.

Food Safe - Can be used in direct contact with food.

Easy Storage -  Sold in sheets or rolls.

Versatile - Can be used in polystyrene and cardboard boxes or plastic containers.

Affordable - a cheaper alternative to buying or renting equipment.

For maximum insulation we recommend:


1. To completely insulate the pack, we recommend that you use a polystyrene case which seals totally enclosing your product and the Ice Sheets.


2. Seal the pack with tape to make sure it stays closed throughout the journey.


3. For maximum effectiveness the polystyrene packs should be chilled down before packing.


4. For longer transit time, place an additional refrigerant sheet underneath as well as on top of your products.


The above points are the ideal steps for maximum effect and should keep your product well under 5°C for as long as 48 hours. However, good results can also be achieved using cardboard boxes and plastic containers.

Magnum Ice Sheets are made from a non-woven polyester fabric and silver laminate. Inside each 'cell' is an acrylate polymer powder which is capable of absorbing liquid up to 150 times its own weight. Cask Ice Sheets continues to control temperature even above 2°C and it is extremely easy and safe to handle.


When soaked in fresh water Magnum Ice Sheets can be frozen as a gel pack. However, they are also known to be twice as effective as a gel in retaining a low temperature for long periods of time.


As health and safety regulations become stricter, demand for Magnum Ice Sheets has increased. The long cooling and absorbent properties offer a reliable and economical alternative to gel and ice.

You need an extra benefit for Brewery Shops to offer customers for casks & polypins

You hold large or regular events.

You have an alternative application where you require longer or shorter Ice Sheets

Why not consider our Festival Packs as an enhancement of this service

Ice Sheets are an Ideal Solution Where...

CMB00005  Ice Sheets (refrigerant pads) Pack of 10



Chilled Storage and Transport


Close Up Illustrations and Dimensions

CMB Fishy 1
CMB Fishy 2

CMB00006  Ice Sheets Single Roll (60m, 4800 cells)

CMB00007  Ice Sheets Twin Roll (2 x 60m rolls, 9600 cells)




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