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Cask & Keg Cooling Covers and Ice Sheets for Pubs, Mobile Bars and Beer Festivals



New Festival Packs from Magnum Bar Supplies for casks and kegs.  Currently available for 9g casks and 50L (11g) kegs.


NB - We can only supply permanent jackets for 4.5 and 18 gallon casks.


The Single Cask Festival Pack contains all of the basic equipment required to stillage, cool, present and serve one 9g cask (otherwise known as a firkin)

Pack Contents

1 x 9 Gallon Cask  Festival Cover

3 x Magnum Ice Sheets - supplied dry, ready for soaking, freezing, storage and use.

1 x Wooden Cask Chock Set - position, tilt and chock your casks (on a stable surface such as a table or bar top).

1 x Wooden Direct Dispense Tap

1 x Hard Spile

1 x Soft Spile

1 x Cork Bung - for resealing cask after use

VAT to be added at standard rate calculated and added automatically when you proceed to checkout


Delivery free on orders greater than £100 plus VAT


£7.95 plus VAT charge on all other orders

We Are Currently Awaiting New Stock

1   x Insulated Polystyrene Box - for transport of contents and storage of up to eight frozen Ice Sheets.

8   x 9 Gallon Cask  Festival Covers

24 x Magnum Ice Sheets - supplied dry, ready for soaking, freezing, storage and use.

8   x Wooden Cask Chock Sets - position, tilt and chock your casks on a stable surface such as a table or bar top

8   x Wooden Direct Dispense Taps - designed for single use, simple on off action for direct dispense of ale.

8   x Hard Spiles

8   x Soft Spiles

8   x Cork Bungs - for resealing cask after use.

1   x Rubber Mallet - for tapping the cask

Cask Beer Festival Box

All of the basic equipment for stillaging, cooling and serving Eight 9 Gallon cask ales, in one handy box


Dispatched by courier in an insulated polystyrene box, which can be used to store pre frozen Ice Sheets

(ideal if you are short on storage space, or away from the freezer)

Supplied in a highly insulated Polybox (same as the cask festival box) this pack includes 24 x Ice Sheets and 4 x 50L Keg Festival Covers.  Also includes a pack of drawstring cords to hold the Ice Sheets around the keg.


Please note that this pack provides precooling for your kegs.  Why precool?  If your kegs are too warm then your beer will be prone to 'fobbing' (foaming) at the point of dispense.  By lowering the keg temperature, reducing the difference in temperature between storage and dispense point,  you can eliminate this problem.


Please note: Final stage cooling should be used as normal to obtain drinking temperature.  Dispense equipment (with associated gas fittings and cooler) are not supplied with this pack

Keg Beer Festival Box

CMB00073  Single 9 Gallon Cask Festival Pack


CMB00070  Single 50Ltr Keg Festival Pack




Cart 2 white small
Cart 2 white small
Cart 2 white small

CMB00072  Beer Festival Box (for 4 x 50L Kegs) £149.00

Cart 2 white small

CMB00071  9 Gallon Cask Beer Festival Box  £249.00

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