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Cask & Keg Cooling Covers and Ice Sheets for Pubs, Mobile Bars and Beer Festivals



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How to Prepare Cask Ice Sheets

CAUTION: Freezing pads below minus 15°C may burn uncovered skin.

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One of the main advantages of Magnum Ice Sheets is that they are 100% Food Safe and extremely safe and easy to handle. The rolls and sheets are perforated and all you need is water and a freezer.

Fill sink to level which will allow the Ice Sheet to be fully immersed in water.

Folding the Ice Sheet if necessary, immerse it in the water.  

Note: Warm water will help speed the hydration process.

Holding the Ice Sheet under the water initially will help start the hydration process.

The cells will inflate over a period

of 5-10 minutes.  The water is absorbed by crystals in each cell, creating a gel.

You can check the progress of hydration by feeling the cells.  

They will become firm and bulky.

When the Ice Sheet is fully hydrated, remove it from the water and repeat the process for as many sheets as required.

If your freezer compartments are small then fold the sheet in half, ensuring that the foil sides are touching (material side out).

Place a plastic bag between Ice Sheets if stacking.  

Do not stack too many directly on top of each other as this will affect freezing time (and risk an iceberg!).

Freezing time will vary according to type, volume and content of freezer.  

Remember, the more Ice Sheets you put in at any one time, the longer they will take to freeze.

When your Ice Sheet (or ice blanket, or refrigerant pad as they are sometimes known) is frozen it is ready for use.  Simply lay it over or wrap it around your keg or cask.

Typical freezing time is 2-4 hours.

Once Frozen...